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Episode 1 - My Massive Wedding Business Pivot

Grow Your Wedding Business Right Now!

Hello and welcome to The Daniel Linares Show My name is Daniel Linares – I’m a Certified High-Performance Wedding Business Coach and I also own The DLE Event Group here in New York City. In this first episode, I share with you my plans for The Daniel Linares Show and I also share my own personal story of how I managed to pivot my own business during the pandemic to have one of my best years ever.

Episode 2 - Is Your Mindset Holding Back Your Wedding Business?

Are you struggling to take action because you don’t feel ready?

In this episode, I talk about the vertical versus the horizontal mindset. High performers don’t need permission to take action, they deal with their fears and take the action anyway. Your biggest success in your wedding business will come when you are face to face with your deepest fears Lean in, take those risks, move faster, and move in the right directly It’s not always going to be perfect but take action anyway!

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