High Performance Coaching in New York City

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What Is A Certified High Performance Coach?

Certified High Performance Coaches are extensively trained by Brendon Burchard using a proven coaching curriculum that is not only science-backed but also results-focused.

Each Certified High Performance Coach (CPHC) is rigorously trained with proven, specific frameworks and skills needed to implement a 12 week (3 month) coaching program.

They learn how to coach at the highest level with the best training framework in the world so they can go on to help people improve at every level, change their lives and reach their highest potential.

The High Performance Coaching Curriculum

When you choose to be coached by a CPHC, you are making a very wise decision because you will encounter incredible coaching sessions like no other coaching program offers in the world.

Each High Performance Coaching Program follows a specific, science-backed, proven curriculum that offers a clear outcome.

The coaching sessions are all challenged-based, and curriculum-driven with a focus on training and education so you will always be directed to achieving a specific goal each week.

Certified High Performance Coaching sessions run for 12 weeks and cover 12 topics which help you reach high performance and fulfil your true potential, these sessions include the following topics:

  • Session 1 – Focus
  • Session 2 – Clarity
  • Session 3 – Energy
  • Session 4 – Courage
  • Session 5 – Productivity
  • Session 6 – Influence
  • Session 7 – Psychology Mastery
  • Session 8 – Physiology Mastery
  • Session 9 – Productivity Mastery
  • Session 10 – Persuasion Mastery
  • Session 11 – Purpose Mastery
  • Session 12 – High Performance

Who Would Benefit From High Performance Coaching?

High Performance Coaching is offered as either personal one-to-one coaching or group coaching. The program is available for anyone who is looking to fulfil their true potential and reach their personal goals quickly, including athletes, parents, solopreneurs, students, managers, and executives. 

It is very sad but all too common for people with incredible potential to go through life living in the same status quo.  They know they can achieve more, they have an incredible desire to make a change in their personal lives and in their career or business, yet they sit back and do nothing.

If this is you, then you need to take action, you need to make a decision that will change your life for the better and has you on course to achieving your goals, reaching your true potential and living your life on purpose.

What Results Can You Expect From High Performance Coaching?

High Performance Coaching will drastically impact your life and the lives of those around you as your relationships will be improved, your health will be improved, your confidence will be improved and your general mindset and well-being will be improved.

You will discover your true potential and purpose and become the best version of yourself so you can step up and live the life you’ve always dreamed of but couldn’t quite reach before.

I know this personally because this is exactly how I felt before I took action and became a high performer.  I was living my life as best I could, I knew I wanted to improve in all areas of my life, including my personal and professional life, but didn’t know which way to go.  I was forever trying to find the magic pill that would transition my life into something more…

More purposeful, more productive, more relaxed, more centred, more focused!

I remember reading self-help books, watching how-to videos on youtube, and spending countless hours going around in circles as I tried to fix my life on my own. I wasted years on this treadmill to nowhere.

It was only when I took extreme action and made an intentional decision to become a high performer in my life that my world really changed.

My relationships improved, my business and professional life took off, my income grew, my productivity levels exploded and my overall happiness took center stage.

Would you like to achieve the same results in your life?

How To Hire A Certified High Performance Coach in New York City?

My name is Daniel Linares and I’m a Certified High Performance Coach, Strategist and Speaker from New York City.

I offer High Performance Coaching Programs in New York and throughout the US to people just like you, people wanting more!

My coaching programs help professionals, solopreneurs, executives, and personal clients to become truly happy and fulfilled in their lives by taking them on a journey of complete self discovery.

With my High Performance Coaching programs, you will discover how to become the best version of yourself and move forward with purpose and intention so you can reach your biggest goals and have true success.

I offer two coaching programs that are designed to suit everybody’s needs and budgets.

High Performance Group Coaching

High Performance Coaching in New York

The High Performance Group Coaching program is available here. This program follows the CHPC curriculum and includes weekly coaching calls and lessons.

1-1 High Performance Coaching

High Performance Coaching in New York

My 1-1 Coaching Program follows the High Performance Coaching curriculum and includes personal coaching calls on a weekly basis.  More details about this particular program can be found here.


Your life should be lived on your terms. You have your future in your hands.  The future of your relationships, the future of your professional career or business, the future of your success and the future of your potential lies in this one decision, this one question:

Do you want to be a HIGH PERFORMER?

If the answer is yes, then it is time for you to take action.

It is time for you to become purposeful, productive, happy and successful!

Are you ready?

High Performance Coaching in New York City

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