1-1 High Performance Coaching With Daniel Linares

1-1 high performance coaching
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Personal 1-1 high performance coaching is an exclusive offering for those wanting to reach their personal and professional goals quicker than what it would take them to do it by themselves or with my group coaching program.  

It’s the ideal program for anybody needing an accountability partner or somebody who will not only listen to the problems that you are facing in life and the hurdles you are having to leap over but somebody who is also going to challenge you to find the best version of yourself.

My name is Daniel linares and I am a Certified High Performance Coach™ based in New York.  A few years ago I was experiencing the same feelings and frustrations as you may be feeling right now.  

I was overwhelmed, frustrated, lost, and constantly confused about which step to take next, both in my personal life and business.

It was only when I decided to take massive action and move forward with High Performance Coaching that my world started to make sense and things started to happen for me.

1-1 High Performance Coaching with Daniel Linares

How about you?  Are you feeling frustrated because you know you have more inside of you to give? Are you feeling lost and anxious because you are not fulfilling any of your goals and dreams? Do you feel like you are constantly running on the same treadmill that is taking you nowhere in life?

Maybe you want to start or grow your own business but just keep putting it off because you don’t feel that you have what it takes (in other words, you lack the courage you need to take the necessary steps forward)

Or, maybe you’re lacking something in your personal life, feeling lonely or not fulfilled in your current relationship with your partner because you are constantly fighting or having to work long hours to pay the bills.

Then there’s the other big issue that many may be facing at the moment, and that is the lack of focus and clarity.  Do you have big ideas but they’re all scrambling around in your head without any clear direction or plan in place?

If any of these resonate with you then you need to do something about it before your life takes a very big turn for the worse.  One of the biggest things that you could do right now for your own future is to get some professional help from a certified high performance coach.

Regular life coaching could also help but if you want a coaching program that will challenge you into taking decisive action, that truly aligns with your purpose and path rather than just sharing your feelings and wasting time dwelling on the past.  Then high performance coaching is the route to take.

1-1 High Performance Coaching with Daniel Linares

My 1-1 High Performance Coaching Program

High performers do things differently than others.  They focus on things they want and put strategies into action with step-by-step plans so they know exactly where they want to go and how they’re going to get there.

They set clear and decisive goals based on what they truly want to achieve.  They understand their life purpose and reason for their presence in this world, and with more energy, courage and commitment, they are able to reach their full potential and completely drive their life in the direction they want to take it.

In my 1-1 High Performance Coaching Program, I take you on a journey of self-discovery that will change your life forever. I will coach you on a weekly basis following a set of strategic sessions and challenges that will help to reach new levels in no time at all.

After 12 weeks of 1-1 coaching, you will feel incredibly focused, energized and ready to take on every aspect of your life.

You will notice your relationships improving both at home and at work, you will find that you have more confidence in yourself and in the decisions you make, you will notice a spring in your step and will feel like you have a whole new lease on life.

You will be a HIGH PERFORMER!

You will feel like you are winning every day and most importantly you will be living your life on purpose!

Find out more about my exclusive 1-1 High Performance Coaching Program here or fill out my application form if you are ready to get started.

If 1-1 Coaching is not for you, I do also offer a Group Coaching option that follows the same results-driven curriculum developed by Brendon Burchard.  Click here to find out more

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